Remote Starters and Security

Tintmasters offers a variety of CompuStar remote start models with a range of 500ft - 1 mile. We also offer models for manual transmissions and diesel vehicles that are 100% fail-safe. Customization options for your CompuStar system include start/stop, keyless entry, trunk release, sliding door control, 2-way communication, and more. The installation of your remote car starter is guaranteed for as long as you own your vehicle. We use no quick connectors; we take our time to solder and double-tape all connections to ensure that your system works problem free. We also service and install Astrostart, Autopage, Autostart, and DEI products.

Compustar Warranty and Drone Mobile

From Firstech, the makers of Compustar and other remote start systems, comes Drone Mobile, an iPhone app designed to meet your GPS tracking, remote start, and vehicle security needs. The Drone Mobile system is compatible with any vehicle. It offers both basic and expanded control over such features as remote starts, locking and unlocking your vehicle, and operation of sliding doors, seat heating, and security systems. Locate and track your vehicle by utilizing mapping options within the app. View available vehicle status information, including alarm status, battery voltage, speed, temperature, and more.

Compustar Pro 901 Remote Starter and Security Compustar's Most Powerful System

The PRO 2-WAY 901 Remote Start + Security System is Compustar's most advanced solution for both remote starting and securing your vehicle. This system gives you up to 1-mile of range to remote start your vehicle and to activate/deactivate your security system.

Whenever you send these commands, you will receive instant confirmation on the 901 LCD remote included with this system. Also, if your Compustar system's door and shock sensors are triggered, you will receive an instant alert and notification on your 901 LCD remote.